With the surge of new listings on short let platforms such as Airbnb, booking.com, Homeaway guests now have a sea of properties available to book and with the ease of use to create listings it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. We believe first impressions are key to help secure bookings that’s why we will share out top tips for taking the best photos for your listing to ensure you have bookings!


Lighting plays a big role into how the image is presented. Natural light is always a bonus to help add warmth to a photo and highlight all of the room. However, natural light is weather pending, so we recommend turning on all room lights to help ensure the photos captured are crisp and clear. Be sure to balance the lighting correctly as this can sometimes cause issues when taking photos in tricky lighting situations, so close the blinds if needed.  

Before lighting

Before lighting

After lighting

After lighting


Staging is a key aspect to help your images stand out from the rest, we recommending adding soft furnishings and other small additions that really give life to your property. Cushions, blankets and flowers are all great features to have in the your home to make it feel homely and capture it’s best qualities. Be sure to also highlight your homes best standout features whether you have unique artwork, a wood burning fireplace or perhaps a balcony with glorious views of the city.



Everybody has a good side and your home is no different, to really capture the full width of your room be sure to shoot into the corners for a wide angle of the room. We also recommend taking a few detailed shots of areas in your home which really highlight your design style and taste. Photos such as these help paint the perfect picture of your home to guests and allow them to even visualise themselves staying.



Less is more, especially when organising your home ready for a shoot, we advise all hosts to clear out any unnecessary ornaments, photos and other bits lying around. Straighten up your pillows, iron your sheets and fold your towels this may all sound like a chore, but these details will be key in making your home stand out from the crowd.


We hope the above tips will help you take the perfect photos for your listing and standout from the crowd! As always, please do share your top tips and join the conversation.

Be sure to also check out our previous blog about creating the perfect online listing here and if this all still sounds like too much work, why not contact our team so we can help you manage your home, get in touch here