With Valentine’s day just around the corner we will share our top tips and hints for welcoming guests over Valentines day. We will share how to make your home the perfect nest for guests looking for a lovely base to explore the city!



Welcoming any guests to your home is key to how their experience will be, that’s why first impressions are always vital to setting the tone for their stay. Welcoming guests with gifts such as wine, chocolates or flowers are a sure fire hit during Valentines! Why not have some music playing in the background to greet guests upon their arrival. Local treats and gifts are a great idea which helps add a personal touch for their welcome. Lastly a handwritten note is always a nice touch for guests to read to familiarise them with you as a host and the property.



Guests travel from far and wide to stay with us and with the size of London being overwhelming for new visitors, it’s always a good idea to give them a small helping hand such as sharing recommendations of your favourite places to visit/shop/eat. Again, with Valentine being the theme be sure to share your favourite romantic hotspots to make it a memorable day for your guests.  



Now not all guests want to leave and explore London much during Valentines day, which is why we would recommend leaving the films/box sets/Netflix account for the guests to relax and enjoy whilst in your home in comfort during their stay and just laze the day away as the chilly February weather sets in...  



The following morning is always the worst when you go to the fridge and there’s no milk for your tea/coffee! That’s why we would recommend leaving some milk, juices, teas and coffees for guests and the more the merrier for guests so any cereals and fruits are always much loved by guests.

Valentines is always an exciting time of the year as guests flock from all over to enjoy the capital with so much to see and do it will surely be a busy Valentines week of hosts, so be sure to use some of the tips above to ensure your guests have the best experience possible!

Do you have any tips or suggestions for how to make your home ready for Valentines day? Join the discussion and share them in the comment section below! If you’re still looking for a place this Valentine day how about this gorgeous 2 bed/2 bath flat in Battersea, click here!