In our latest blog post were looking at all the ways you can really utilise your space to maximise your rental income to help you cover the cost of managing all your lovely guests and making a little extra too, will share great easy ways to help boost your profitability.



What better thing to wake up to then breakfast? Nothing, that's why if you can offer breakfast to guests for an additional cost, guests will surely take you up on the offer. Guests can be offered simple to prepare continental style breakfasts, fruits, juices and cereals can be a great option for guests to start the day off right for exploring all that London has to offer.

Utilise Your Space To Maximise Your Rental Income

Check in/out

Late/early check ins/outs are a great way to offer your guests extra flexibility to help them with their journey and also ensures you can earn a little extra for offering the additional services. Charging a nominal fee is a great idea to maximise earnings from each stay and also allows you the chance to offer something different to guests.

Sofa bed

Sofa Beds are a great little trick to increase the occupant capacity of your home which means you can in turn increase your nightly rate accordingly. Whether for children or adults you can now purchase great sofa beds which look fantastic and are functional too. 



Parking is a great way to make a little more from chargeable services, hosts can offer guests parking at an additional cost whether you have have off street parking and even parking permits/passes you could add a small markup to cover your admin time which helps you to potentially achieve more from each potential booking.

Above are just a few things you can offer to guests to achieve more from each booking and ensure you cover costs of management, whilst also offering more to your guests, so everyone's a winner! Do you have any tips or suggestions you could share that work for you? Why not mention them in the comments below.

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