As much as we hate to admit it, the summer is officially over and as the days become shorter and the sun never seems to stay for long enough. To avoid the winter blues, in our latest blog post we will share our tips for creating the perfect winter ready space for your guests and ways for bringing the warmth back into your home! 

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A soft touch:  

Extra blankets and pillows are a great way to decorate your home and really help guests to get comfortable and feel welcomed in your home! It is the perfect touch to relax with after a long days travelling the city and helps add a warmth to your living space. We suggest leaving some warm blankets around in the living room and some extra pillows or cushions for your guests to snuggle up with! 

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Milk and Sugar:

Be sure you are stocked up on teas, coffees and other warm drinks! This is perfect accompaniment to have whilst sitting inside and looking out on to the cold weather outside. A small selection of drinks are a great way to help guests acclimatise to the colder weathers about to hit London and it is a thoughtful gesture to help the guests feel comfortable during their stay!

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Let there be light: 

­Warm, soft lighting is perfect for creating a welcoming setting for guests, we recommend some lamps and candles to help bring a relaxed cozy feeling to your space. Fairy lights, lamps and candles (be sure to put these out before leaving!) are great additions to your space and small touches such will make sure your guests fall in love with your home!

This might all sound too soon, but with Autumn here and Winter fast approaching, these small touches will make your home ready for the colder weather. Remember the devil is in the detail!  

Do you have any decorating tips you like to use for the colder months? If so, be sure to share them in the comments section below!

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