With summer officially here and with Londoners leaving the City to enjoy a well earned holidays, this means that thousands of lovely homes are sitting empty across London gathering dust, and let’s not forget the thousands of guests visiting London looking for an authentic living experience, why not help solve this problem by renting your home this summer?  In our new blog post we will share our top 3 reasons for renting your home out this summer and the benefits of the sharing economy and how we can help you!

Pay for your holiday:

Your home is sitting unoccupied whilst away and it is a shame as many homes are in incredibly desirable locations! Why not really utilise your greatest assets and get your home working for you, on average hosts can earn up to 50% more than they would achieve versus a traditional let. Homes can achieve strong occupancy rates in high seasons (like summer) meaning you could effectively pay for your holiday (and more) whilst you’re away, without lifting a finger! 

Share your home with others:

Whilst there are many financial benefits to renting your home, one of the most rewarding things is knowing you are sharing your home with like minded individuals and allowing them an experience that would not be able to be achieved in any hotel in the City. Offering them the ability to truly live like a local and explore all the lesser known sites of the London. Sharing your home is a wonderful experience and is what the sharing economy is all about and it also means that you can have a house-sitter whilst you’re away.

Have a clean home:

We at Air Blue Lets take care in making sure your home is spotless when you return, who doesn’t like coming home to fresh sheets and towels? Once the last stay is over we complete a thorough clean of your home, from top to bottom to ensure your home is immaculate when you return.     

Whilst these are only a few reasons of why you should rent out your home whilst you’re away this summer, we believe that it is a win-win situation for both you, your guests and London, so why not get in touch today and let us rent your home this summer hassle-free!

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