As hosts we pride ourselves on achieving the best reviews possible and ensuring the guests have the best Airbnb experience. In today's blog we will share some of our top tips for make sure guests feel like they've had the best Airbnb experience possible.


We at Air Blue Lets have always been strong believers of physically checking in guests, this offers a personal touch and the reassurance of having someone awaiting their arrival to welcome them to their new home and all the quirks.


A small token of your appreciation for the guests staying is always a welcome treat that guests really love and ensures they feel like they have a been properly welcomed. Whether it is some milk in the fridge or fresh local produce, native to your city/neighbourhood, guests love receiving gifts that are unfamiliar to them, they need not be experience just authentic to their experience.

Check in:

Be sure to check in on guests during their stay, there's a fine balance of being easily reachable for guests and not to be over eager, we find a simple message midway through their stay is the perfect way to check in on your guests and be sure they are having a comfortable stay.

Guests do notice if a host goes the extra mile


Cleaning is one of the most important things to remember when striving for those 5* reviews, make sure you thoroughly clean all areas of your home, we find a cleaning schedule/to-do list is great to ensure you don’t leave out any important areas.

The devil’s in the detail:

This may sound cliché but details are so important to achieving the perfect reviews and all the suggestions above are all basically detailed solutions! Be sure to welcome guests with a note/house manual (read our blog about creating the perfect house manual here), local food products, making sure the toilet paper is folded correctly! To some this may sound like too much effort that won't get noticed by the guest, but guests do notice if a host goes the extra mile and this will be sure that you get those 5* reviews!

Ultimately the more effort you put into your home and the experience that's received by the guests, will ensure you get reward justly! Small details are really appreciated by guests so be sure to remember the above and let the reviews roll in!