The area of Westminster may arguably be the most iconic area of London with a number of historic and cultural landmarks just a stone’s throw away from one another. In this stroll down series we will explore these landmarks and some of our personal favourite shops, restaurants and bars in the area, be sure to bring your camera you won’t to miss a thing.

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Buckingham Palace:

The most iconic of Palaces in the England, home of the Queen of England and is an architectural site to behold, nestled in between Green Park and St James Park in the heart of Westminster. We recommend taking the tour of the Palaces private and states rooms to experience truth opulence, also the historic changing of the guards is a must see.                    

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Westminster Abbey:

Westminster Abbey’s imposing structure has made it one of the must see places in Westminster, the Abbey hosts daily services which can be attended and has been the venue for many notable royal weddings, most recently the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

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Palace of Westminster:

Sitting alongside the River Thames and beside Westminster Abbey, the Palace of Westminster is iconic meeting place of the Houses of Commons and the House of Lords. The gothic architecture makes this landmark instantly recognisable and tours are available which provide an insight into the inner chambers, no white wigs required.

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Big Ben:

The clock tower is a cultural a symbol of London, along with double-decker bus and the black cab!  It’s commanding presence and towering exterior means you can tell the time anywhere. It is one of the top attractions in all of London and is a must visit for all.  

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Roux at Parliament Square:

Along with all the cultural and iconic buildings in Westminster it is also worth visiting local restaurants and our favourite is Roux at Parliament Square. This renowned contemporary restaurant serves the finest in modern European cuisine by the Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr, you’ll be sure to love the food once you’ve taken in the sites of Westminster. Reservations are strongly recommended.

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Sky Garden (Sky Pod Bar):

After the visiting the sites and indulging in the delicious food on offer in Westminster, a nightcap is surely in order and we recommend the Sky Bar. A modern bar located on the 35th floor, offer a fabulous range of cocktails, but the views are the main reason to visit. Take in the breathtaking iconic London Sky Line in all its glory, our top tip is to go just before sunset to really appreciate the transforming skyline from day to night and embrace panoramic views.


Westminster is a must visit area of London, home of countless iconic landmarks and fantastic bars and restaurants, a true sense of London lingers around Westminster from cobbled streets to the home of the Royal Family. Whether you spend just a few hours or the whole day we recommend you add this to your itinerary on your next visit London.