Creating the best possible listing is vital to ensure you attract guests and stand out from the crowd! Clear and descriptive listings are a sure fire way to help guests imagine your space and the neighbourhood; by the time they finish reading they should be rushing to hit ‘request to book’. In our latest post we will look to share our top tips for creating a stand out listing!

Photos & Staging:

Arguably the most important aspect of creating a great listing is ensuring you have high quality photos! We recommend spending time to stage your home to highlight it's best features, whether you have great views of the city or a lovely garden, really make sure you shine the best light (literally) on it. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve cleaned before, guests should be able to know what to expect from your home and the surrounding areas. 


Sharing photos of your space is vital, but so is providing a welcoming description and highlighting your home in all it's glory. When writing a description we’ve found that a top tip is to work around your flat, as if guest was walking through it, flowing from one room to another. Don’t jump from the kitchen to the bathroom and then the garden. Finally, make sure you are as honest as possible and mention all issues/concerns such as building works nearby, this ensures guests know the situation so there are no surprises when they arrive.

Host Profile:

This is very important and can sometimes be overlooked; guests should have a sense of you and your hosting style. This is a great way to pre-introduce yourself to potential guests and share some of your hobbies and interests. Be sure to also verify your information on Airbnb this will help guests feel assured that the host is fully registered member.

The Neighbourhood:

The main reason guests choose short term accommodations is because they want to experience the culture and the destination in a local way and a way in which resorts/holiday complexes can’t offer. Share your local hotspots, the history and what makes your neighbourhood unique, as this can really help guests get a feel for the area, so don’t skip out on the details! 


The guidebook feature on Airbnb allows the opportunity for you to share your recommendations from your favourite places to eat to the closest supermarket. These recommendations give that personal touch from you as a host, oppose to a generic ‘top 10 places to visit’ list. This is also your opportunity to share the lesser know gems in the area that guests may otherwise miss.   


Ultimately reviews will be the most important factor for if a guests chooses to stay with you or another host, so once you have good (or bad) review, don’t forget to show your appreciation or that you have acknowledged their feedback by responding to their review. This shows guests that you are constantly striving to improve!

Do you find it difficult to find the time create the perfect listing, along with managing your guests? Fear not we can help, contact us today and we can help you manage your property!! Find more about our hassle-free fully managed service here!