Many hosts like to physically welcome guests to introduce them to their new homes and show them all the tricks/quirks they may encounter during their stay. Understandably guests travel from far and wide to visit London and may not quite remember all the information provided on their arrival, jetlag and all! Yet, there is a simple solution we've found to help guests get acquainted with your home and all the wonderful quirks, a house manual! 

Below we have some key areas that will help you create the perfect house manual:

2. How and Where:

It is always good to explain how to use certain appliances guests may not be familiar with such as the washing machine, dishwasher etc. Be sure to mention where the essentials such as toilet paper and cleaning products are kept too.

1. Address:

Where are you located? As obvious as it may seem to you, some people don’t quite know the location of your home. How far are you from major attractions? Where’s the local supermarket? Nearest underground station?

House manuals are an easy way to really help introduce your space/city to guests and ensure they have a comfortable stay!

4. Recommendations:

Online reviews are great, but local knowledge is hard to beat! Ultimately the reason for guests staying is that they want to live like a local, embrace the culture and all things London! This is why recommendations are so important, as it gives guests a truly authentic experience whilst helping the local economy.

3. Important information:

Here is where you can leave vital information, such as how to securely lock doors/windows when leaving, how to set alarms and emergency contact numbers. All this information can easily be forgotten, so it is extremely useful for guests to have for their reference. It also helps in case you have forgotten to mention anything at the check-in!


These are just some key areas we have found guests love to see when reading our house manuals. As always if you have any suggestions or tips write them in the comments below!

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