Creating a welcoming space is key to ensuring your guests have a comfortable stay and also help to show your home in the best light! We have complied some great interior design ideas that you can add to your home to really give it that wow-factor and be ready for your guests! 


Lighting is a staple in good interior design from the small to extravagant; we recommend a few lamps and some hanging Edison bulbs for a great modern twist on the generic lights. Not only will it bring life to your space but really helps ensure you get the perfect photos for your listing. 

Bold colours:

Pops of colour in any room whether the furniture or a feature wall, really help to tie a room together and is a great way for your guests to get a sense of your style! Bright and bold colours can help transform a plain room into a unique one and gives it a really sense of character.

Statement pieces:

We love statement pieces in rooms, quirky clocks, elegant mirrors or the pale blue cupboard below, don’t be afraid of clashing with other items in the room. It's all about being bold, also the more functional the better, the cupboard below adds a new dimension the room whilst being handy for storage. 


Bring some nature into your home and have a few plants, you can easily purchase some low maintenance plants that will help to add some real character to any room. Be sure to leave the plants by the window so they get sunlight (even though we don’t exactly get much in London).

Soft furnishings:

Cushions, throws, curtains and bed sheets are all great examples of soft furnishings to help bring your home to life. Cushions are a personal favourite of ours and are great for relaxing on after a long days travelling.  

Above are just a few ideas that we recommend for making your home guest ready. As always we are more than happy to help if you need any design tips and ideas. What are your favourite tips? Share them below!