At Air Blue Lets we like to offer guests a personal service during their stay in London from recommending local places to eat, visit and see! We also help with booking in tours/experiences with our is curated list of providers, below are the top reasons why guests book with us.


In Person Check-in:

Arriving to your new place in an unfamiliar surrounding can be daunting for people let alone making sure you get in safely using the key box and hoping that everything runs smoothly. We at Air Blue Lets know that having a friendly face when you arrive is always the best way to welcome guests, not only is it more personal about it ensures that the guest can have a easy arrival, no matter if there flight is delayed or if they get lost!

La Belle Assiette - Private Chef - cooking -1 (1).jpg


Staying in an incredible city like London full of tours, activities and experiences it can be difficult to know what to do, understanding this we at Air Blue Lets have created our own list of excellent partnering companies who provide authentic experiences to our guests from private city tours (Talk of The Town) to private chefs (La Belle Assiette) cooking delicious 3 course meals right in your new home!



Since we have a number of properties across London, we’ve become quite familiar with each area and where to visit. That’s why guests are welcomed with house manuals featuring our top choices for places to visit to give guests an authentic London experience. Our welcome team will also be able to help with advicing on nearby points of interest and amenities.


Hand Picked Locations

Each property is hand picked by our team with quality at the forefront of all choices, we ensure each property has all the modern amenities that one could want along with a each being full of character and unique to the area and the owners taste.


Above are a handful of reasons why guests choose to stay with us and how we achieve attract future guests, not to mention how we provide the highest level of service to our guests!

Are you looking to visit London this Winter, whether for a few nights or a few weeks get in touch with us today and one of our team will help you book the perfect place!